St. Peter's Episcopal Church

To lead each person into a living relationship with Jesus Christ, train them as disciples, and make Jesus known to others.

We Believe:

All are welcome.  We believe all baptized christians are able to partake in the Lord's Eucharist.

If you have questions or are unsure of what this means, please contact Fr. Andrew Hanyzewski.
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If you are in need of prayer or would like to be added to the prayer net, please send an email to
Contact Liz Collins via phone at 920-222-9048
Carmen Garces via phone at 920-568-8854

Upcoming Events:

Weekly Schedule as Follows:
Monday, April 25
8:00 A.M.      Morning Prayer 
Tuesday, April 26                                                 
7:00 A.M.      Men’s Prayer Breakfast/Bible Study
8:00 A.M.      Morning Prayer

Wednesday, April 27
8:00 A.M.      Morning Prayer
6:00 P.M.      Holy Eucharist

Thursday, April 28
8:00 A.M.      Morning Prayer
12:10 P.M.   Holy Eucharist
5:30  P.M.    Outreach/Evan.

Friday, April 29
8:00 A.M.        Morning Prayer
6:00 P.M.        Last Friday Service

Saturday, April 30
8:30 Women's Bible Study

Sunday, May 1
9:00   A.M.     Holy Eucharist
10:00 A.M.      Breakfast




This year we will be celebrating Ascension Day Mass as a Convocation at St. Luke’s in Whitewater, at 6:00 pm with fellowship following. There will be a combined choir for this service. 

Please come to join in this special celebration.